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From Eric Schiermeyer, the co-Founder of Zynga,
and Michael McCarthy, RPG Trendsetter, comes Mirandus!


Do you want to be KING?

Do you have what it takes to rule one of the Five Kingdoms of Mirandus? In all of Mirandus, there will only ever be five Citadels ruled by five Kings. As we work to develop Mirandus, the Kings of Mirandus will sit on the development council. Kings have unparalleled power in the world of Mirandus and are able to command the respect and homage of those who live within their realm. A good Monarch can encourage trade, oversee economic policies, and set military strategies. As King, you rule ALL!

Ready yourself, adventurer!

Its good to be the King!

  • Land Owners Get Special Buffs
  • Being a land ownermeans you instantly gain a title
  • Better land means more powerful titles
  • Titles come with buffs to your skills and abilities – the greater the title, the greater the buff
  • Land owners also get bonus titles they can bestow to other loyal members of their court (or productive members of their farm or outpost).

Game Overview



Release Date

Early 2021


Gala Games



In the world of Mirandus, property is power.
  • Players can purchase deeds to different property types
  • A deed is a template which can be “stamped” on the geography
  • Once a deed is placed, it cannot be moved unless all buildings are razed
In the world of Mirandus, property is safety.                                                                 
  • Players are ONLY safe within the walls of property
    Better deeds mean better walls, which keep higher level monsters out.
  • Example “A Farm Hamlet deed has a rustic wood fence which no low-level monsters will cross. A Citadel deed will repel monsters with very high levels.”

About Gala Games

GALA is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC-1155 Standard. This reduces fees and makes it possible for a user to send multiple NFTs in the same transaction. Any game developer can integrate  GALA and NFTs into their games, allowing for the stable long-term growth of the GALA Ecosystem.

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